Safeguarding Policy

As part of our commitment to helping to keep children safe in education, we provide pre-employment screening as a critical part of our selection process.  We provide a high level of verification and identity confirmation service as standard. Our solution is entirely digital and provides an a paper trail for the whole recruitment process.

Why Us?


A Digital Compliance Process

We utilise a secure and seamless cloud based recruitment solution. From recording the initial telephone interview notes, to meetings, through to every single interaction moving forward. This tool allows us to create a digital qualification and verification system alongside a candidate’s CV holding everything from the verification of their qualification claims through to ID and other relevant documentation.  As an additional service, we are also able to directly engage with registrars and administration offices. We verify a candidate’s highest qualification claims including GCSE/A Level/degrees, diplomas with information on the official files.


Employment Verification

We collect factual information about the candidate’s work history. Former employers can respond via email which allows you to compare your candidate’s employment claims. We combat the issue of undisclosed periods of employment by combining a variety of verification techniques to establish a timeline for each candidate. It highlights any prolonged gaps in their professional or academic history which your candidate has concealed.


Supporting Your Own Statutory Duties  

As we only provide permanent members of staff to schools and colleges, we understand that every organisation we deal with must conduct their own legal checks on permanent staff prior to start date as part of their own legal obligations. As part of our qualification process, we perform a wide range of verification activities to ensure the candidate is suitable for employment. 

● A registration interview (video / face to face post-covid) this is to ensure both their suitability to work with children and young people and also within any given setting. 
● Confirmation of identity
● Proof of NI
● Proof of qualifications
● Eligibility to work in the UK
● Minimum of two References
● Medical / Occupational Heath Check – confirmation that each candidate is medically fit to work in an education setting
● Full employment history check – our consultants are trained to cover any gaps or discrepancies during the registration interview
● Enhanced DBS Check