What is it like trying to find your first NQT teaching job two years after completing your PGCE?

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To kick things off, we’d lime you to meet meet Lesley Key (not their real name!) who is about to start their NQT after a two-year break after completing their PGCE.  This is Lesley’s experience of finding his new job:

I completed my PGCE in 2018 and am just about to start my NQT year this September after a 2-year break. I had a difficult experience during my second placement, and I crawled to the end of the academic year. Teaching is a profession that requires 100% and I didn’t feel I was in the position to fully commit to starting my career straight away. 1/3 of teachers leave the job within 5 years of qualifying and I didn’t want to add to that statistic so I decided to take a break with a view to put some distance between myself and the education sector.

I did some travelling, took on a home renovation project and tried to regain some semblance of normality in my life after what was probably the most stressful 9 months of my life. I found temp TA work was an excellent fit for me as it put me in the environment that I loved whilst taking away any of the stress that comes with planning and delivering lessons. It also gave me the flexibility to travel and take time off whenever I wanted.

In my last school, I started to develop my passion for teaching that had deserted me during my PGCE. I was able to lead some small group sessions and felt like a valued member of staff. This spurred me on to look for NQT positions for the following school year. 

After applying for various positions with no luck, I decided to go through an agency as I felt this would help smooth over some of the bumps that can arise from having a slightly uneven work history. I felt confident that I could give a good account of myself in an actual interview, but I was falling at the first hurdle time and time again. I found the application process extremely tiring as having to input your details into every schools slightly different application form and then tailoring a supporting statement to make sure you hit the job specification and ethos of the school is a time consuming task. 

I also found that I would become emotionally invested in the school that I was applying to as I would imagine what my commute would be like, how I would arrange my classroom, how I would implement their behaviour policy… To become involved like this and to then not receive an invitation to interview quickly took a toll on my motivation and enthusiasm.

I signed up to a few different agencies who took a  copy of my cv and a brief description of what I can offer and then I let them get on with it. Within a few days I had a couple of interviews lined up and within 2 weeks I had secured a full-time position for the next academic year. One thing you sacrifice when signing to an agency is an element of autonomy about what schools you apply for but I found that I was happy to sacrifice this in return for handing off the burden off filling out application after application.

A good recruiter will listen to what you want and match you with a school that ticks as many of your boxes as possible. 

I am nervous and excited in equal measure but can’t wait to get started in September at my new school.

Talentometry is *not* a supply agency – we take the time to understand what makes you passionate about teaching and then match you to a permanent opportunity within a school that can best facilitate your professional growth.

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